Je veux dire une grande création d’époque, conçue passionnément par des artistes inconnus, consommée dans son image, sinon dans son usage, par un peuple entier qui s’approprie en elle un objet parfaitement magique.
— Roland Barthes, Mythologies, 1957
The best from everywhere I’ve been and everything I’ve seen
— Giordana

Having grown up in Venice, surrounded by several designers and small production factories, Giordana and Anna have acquired an instinct for style, for the unique and the artistic, which they seek out in their travels around the world.

Even the smallest item carries a style that will capture you with its originality and aesthetic. Nothing is chosen by chance! You will find here pieces by designers from Italy, from New York, from London, from Morocco, from Japan and even from India.

“The best from everywhere I’ve been and everything I’ve seen”, is what Giordana considers to be the advantage she’s offering to her clients: a choice of what is exquisite and exclusive from every continent that must blend beautifully with the Cycladic and Mediterranean way of life. “I prefer designers that are first of all artists”, she says. This explains the concept of the store that does not address the masses but the individual. Beauty, for example, as it is expressed in a tiny liqueur glass that is one-of-a-kind!