Pragmata Design Concept Store, Paros

A concept store that is one of a kind in the Cyclades and carries the artistic quality of discovery. Nothing is chosen by chance

My idea of comfort is a good lamp to read by
— Lucien Rees Roberts

Pragmata Concept Store offers a rich variety of products; covering everything you might need for your home, chosen with care and taste from around the world. 

The owners are the Italian family Della Puppa who have been visiting Paros for more than 20 years, eventually making Naoussa their second home. They fell in love with the marvellous Greek way of living, and found a richness here that inspired them and augmented their Italian lifestyle. 

Having grown up in Venice, surrounded by several designers and small production factories, Giordana and Anna have acquired an instinct for style, for the unique and the artistic, which they seek out in their travels around the world. Even the smallest item carries a style that will capture you with its originality and aesthetic. 


Exclusively Showcasing

There’s a very important aspect to all my work, now more than ever, which is tying the interior design and architecture with the art.
— Giordana